🔮 Phone Palmistry

Chris Dancy has been "reading" phones from San Francisco to Paris. Within seconds he can look at your home screen and tell you remarkable things about your life. Try it today!
  • 100% Anonymous, Zoom or In-Person
    No need to tell us who you are or where you work. Just upload your home screen to start! or book a time to be read or meet in person!
  • Learn About Yourself!
    Often we place apps in specific places without thinking about it, or are we? Did you ever stop to look at the icons in your apps?
  • Apps vs. Habits
    Are you using apps or are they using you? Apps are just new filters for the way we work and play. You don't download apps; you download habits.
  • Practical Advice
    Tips for rearranging your screen, changing suggestions to your phone settings, and more. With each reading, you get advice to improve your life.

📱 Phone Palmistry

What does your phone say about you?
Take a Screenshot
Take a screenshot of your home screen unlocked on the first screen you see when you look at your phone.
Submit Your Screen
Click below to submit your screen for our weekly drawing or an on-demand reading. Additionally, you can book a zoom reading!
Be Amazed
Your reading will be returned within 24 ours on-demand or scheduled for in person.

👀 Watch a Live Reading!

See why people from San Francisco to Paris are waiting in line for hours to have their phone read by Chris Dancy!!

👀 Get Your Phone Read Today!

There are only four ways to get your phone read by the world-famous Chris Dancy. See him at an event and wait in line, submit to win a weekly free reading, pay for an on-demand or schedule a live reading via Zoom!
On-Demand Reading
Do you want your phone read and returned to you with your reading attached? Readings within 24 hours on most days.
Zoom Reading
Maybe you want more of a personal reading! You can book a time to have your phone read in-person!
Weekly Drawing
Submit your phone for weekly free reading. Winners are randomly drawn each week!
See Chris at an event or hire him for your event. He brings his very own fortune teller booth.

Zoom Readings Benefit

Zoom Readings come with the attached graphic as a souvenir. This custom image is where you learn the meaning behind the findings.

Phone Palmistry Origins

An 80s child of mysticism, a career in desktop support in the 90s, a coevolution with devices in the 00s, all of it, some of it? A history of magical technology gifts.


It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for work! Our phones are windows to our souls. Browse, search or filter phone readings below to see Phone Palmistry in action!