The Magic of Software


It is dangerous to go alone, take this with you.
Are you ready to take your digital craft to the next level?
Welcome to the digital altar.
Modern Worship

Digital Altar

Sometimes our altars don't travel well, we don't have the space, or we just may need to be more frugal with our resources.
  • Miro
    Digital Altar is built on Miro. Miro is an amazing free digital whiteboard. Collaborate with your friends or work with it alone. Create mind maps and more!
  • Altar
    Each altar comes with an "opening mantra", "gratitude mantra", a deity or God/Goddess work space, and offering area full of emojis and a banishing area for those trouble some issues in your life!
  • Deities
    Included in each altar are 12 deieties and summoning encantions for when you need to make an offering or get extra help.
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